Program Goal

AgriSafe Network collaborates with agricultural colleges to provide occupational health and safety programs.
Our goal is to empower students to recognize agricultural health and safety risks and become their own health advocates.


Educational Topics:
- Agricultural Hazards
- Ergonomics
- General Health and Wellness
- Hearing Loss
- Injury and Illness Prevention
- Pesticides and Human Health
- Respiratory Hazards
- Safe Work Environment
- Skin Cancer


Customized Screening Options:
- AgriSafe Health Risk Assessment
- Respirator Fit Check
- Lung Function Screening
- Hearing Screening
- Blood Pressure Screening


Personal Protective Equipment Provided:
- Chemical gloves
- Coverall
- Ear plugs
- Safety glasses
- Respirators
- Online Resources











Based on students agricultural exposures we will equip them with a tool kit that will help them stay healthy and safe in their work environment. This tool kit includes a combination of an interactive lecture, demonstration of personal protective equipment, health screenings and review of appropriate resources. Students also receive a PPE take home startup kit. 
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For information on how to implement this program in your college or university:

Natalie Roy, Executive Director, [email protected], 985-845-1116

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