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Cleanup after Flooding

AgriSafe Network advises the following precautions which should be taken during recovery after a flood. Floodwater is generally contaminated by various pollutants: sewage, human and animal feces, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, oil, asbestos, rusting building materials, and so forth. Although public attention is focused on the risk of physical property destruction caused by floods, it is strongly suggested that each of us remembers and practices some basic precautions to prevent possible diseases and injuries during and after flooding, to maintain good health during the aftermath of floods. To that end, here is a brief list of health risks that farmers, ranchers and those living in rural areas should pay special attention to. AgriSafe will continue to update this page as resources become available. 

AgriSafe Flood Resource (pdf)

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment for Flood Clean-Up

PPE for Purpose

Interested in helping farmers impacted by flooding or other natural disasters? Donate thru AgriSafe.  Proceeds will go towards supplying farmers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them stay healthy after a devastating flood or other natural disasters.  

Health Concerns after a Flood

  1. Zoonotic Diseases
    1. Histoplasmosis
    2. Tetanus
    3. Zoonotic Disease Resource (AgriSafe)
  2. Well Water 
    1. Disinfecting a Flooded Well - LSU Ag Center
    2. Checking and Disinfecting a Flooded Well - University of Missouri Extension
    3. What To Do After a Flood - EPA
  3. Chemicals and Pesticides
    1. Flood Clean-up - OSHA
    2. Pesticide Storage Concerns During and After a Flood - LSU Ag Center
  4. Animal Disposal
    1. Animal Disposal following an Emergency
  5. Stress and Mental Health
    1. Mental Health and Its Impact on Wellness - A Resource for Farm Families (AgriSafe)
  6. Heat Stress and Heat Related Illnesses
    1. Water. Rest. Shade. materials for employers and workers (OSHA)
    2. Preventing Heat Related Illnesses (AgriSafe)

Additional Resources

Returning to a Farm After a Flood

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