Who We Are

Who We Are

The AgriSafe™ Network, a non-profit international membership organization, represents health and safety professionals who strive to reduce health disparities found among the agricultural community.  Many agricultural injuries, diseases, and fatalities can be prevented through the delivery of agricultural occupational health services.

Our Core Strength

Our core strength is based upon training rural health care professionals to appropriately respond to the rapidly changing industry of agriculture.  

Farmers & Ranchers Who Feed the World

experience an increased incidence  of:

  • respiratory diseases
  • zoonotic infections
  • skin cancer
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • hearing loss
  • depression
  • disabling injuries
  • occupational fatalities

Our Core Values

We believe that providing occupational health services to farmers will improve the quality of their lives and those of future generations.

Our Dedication

The AgriSafe Network is dedicated to supporting rural health professionals who serve the health care needs of farmers.

AgriSafe Services Include:


  • Rapid Response to Emerging Issues
  • Continuing education via workshops and webinars
  • Invest In Your Health program for college Ag students
  • Technical assistance
  • Clinical resources
  • Network opportunities
  • Updates on the most cutting-edge developments in agricultural health & safety