Invest in Your Health Trainer Exchange


 AgriSafe can assist you in preparing young workers for a healthy and safe career in production agriculture.

Agriculture is a rapidly changing industry with new health threats emerging.  AgriSafe Invest in Your Health training modules address these health threats while shifting the culture of farm production to reflect a safe and healthy workplace.  

AgriSafe aims to shape the future of agriculture by integrating health and safety practices in the competencies of the young agricultural workforce.  The Invest in Your Health (IYH) training modules are targeted to ages 16-23 and intended to be delivered in the classroom setting.  AgriSafe offers IYH trainer exchanges where professionals can be certified to train on the five AgriSafe modules and modules developed by our partners.  Under our open share platform, once certified, you would be free to use the training materials in your classroom setting.  Our end goal is to  build the capacity of local ag educators, rural health professionals and rural leaders to train young producers.

Train the Trainer Course Topics Include:

Health professionals will be encouraged to team up with educators and provide the following:

  • AgriSafe Health Risk Assessment
  • Wellness check
  • Flu shots

Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the classroom is an important component of hands on learning. PPE includes items such as respirators, safety glasses, gloves etc. AgriSafe will demonstrate how best to equip students with PPE, where to locate samples for classroom demonstrations and how to connect young producers with reliable points of PPE sales.