Hazard Mapping

This Train the Trainer course is designed for teachers, Extension staff, 4H and FFA leaders and others who work with young adults. Participants will learn about the Hazard Mapping curriculum and will be given access to all teacher and student materials after completing the webinar.


  • To examine the hazards in agricultural production.
  • To identify and locate hazards so that those hazards can be targeted for elimination.
  • To embrace a participatory process that involves as many students as possible.
  • To respect the vast array of skill, experience and know-how that students have about their farm jobs and their dangers.
  • To collectively and creatively pool our knowledge and prioritize what problems to eliminate. 

A Hazard Map is a visual representation of the workplace where there are hazards that could cause injuries or illness. The Hazard Mapping method draws on what students know from their farming experience. The Hazard Mapping approach works best when conducted among a small group of students with some similarity in their work and exposures.

Access the Train the Trainer Webinar from the AgriSafe Learning Lab!


AgriSafe Hazard Mapping Teacher's Guide (available after the completion of the Train the Trainer Webinar)

Hazard Mapping Sticker Template

Saferfarm.org - Safer Farm is an ever-evolving online tool. Its development is led by the National Farm Medicine Center with the purpose of making agricultural health and safety knowledge accessible and easy to use. Safer Farm is a redesign of the Farm/Agriculture/Rural Management – Hazard Analysis Tool (FARM-HAT) developed at Penn State University. This is a simple method of providing first-hand information about hazards, a process for evaluating hazards, and recommendations on correcting hazards. Any questions, please contact Casper “Cap” Bendixsen, PhD at [email protected]