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Course Offerings for Young Agricultural Workers


NeCourses (houeach)

  1. Say What? Protecting your hearing
  2. Cover up! Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Stay Cool! Prevention of Heat Related Illness
  4. Stop Zoonosis it its Tracks- Prevention of Zoonosis
  5. Where Y’at-Using Mapping to Define Hazards in Agriculture

2 Options tAccess FreAgriSafCourses

  1. Live Webinar Streamed into Classroom: AgriSafe can schedule a webinar just for your class through live streaming technology.  All you need is access to a white board, computer and speakers.
  2. OnDemand Webinar: The five courses can be viewed by your students as a class assignment or can be viewed during class. Simply access the trainings by going to our website at Once there, you will be directed on how to register for the training and view the trainings on your own schedule.

More Info-contact Natalie Roy at , 985-845-1116

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